How to install Windows 7-Microsoft Support

(Last Updated On: January 22, 2019)
How to install Windows 7-Microsoft Support
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Are you putting in Windows 7? you are doing not have to be compelled to be knowledgeable or ask a confusing manual so as to try to to thus.

Steps for install windows 7:

simply follow this guide, and you will have Windows seven put in! Windows has been designed for users World Health Organization need to possess Windows installed on their PC.

Step 1:

Enter your computer’s BIOS. shut down the pc that you simply need to put in Windows 7 on then flip it back on. once the BIOS screen seems otherwise you ar prompted to try to to thus, press Del, Esc, F2, F10, or F9 (depending on your computer’s motherboard) to enter the BIOS system. The key to enter the BIOS is typically shown on the screen.

Step 2:

Find your BIOS’s boot choices menu. The boot choices menu of your BIOS could vary, however you’ll eventually realize it if you search around.
If you’ll not realize the boot choices menu, search the name of your BIOS for on-line facilitate.
choose the CD because the 1st boot device of your pc.

Step 3:

Although this technique are often employed in several cases, the boot choices menu is usually a group of devices wherever you ought to set your CD-ROM drive because the 1st boot device. It will|can even|may also|may} be a listing of devices that you simply can set the order of their boot on. Consult a manual or the web for facilitate if you are stuck.

Step 4:

Save the changes of the settings.   Click Chat

Step 5:

Shut off your pc.


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Step 6:

Power on the computer and insert the Windows seven disc into your CD / videodisk drive.

Step 7

Begin your pc from the disc

Step 8:

Choose your Windows Setup choices

Step 9:

Click the Install currently button.


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Your windows 7 is almost ready , If have any doubts in this process click chat button.

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